Selected Conference Papers and Talks

”Its whirring, whirring, whirring, whirring”: the aesthetics of drone warfare, from below.’ Romanticism in the Age of World Wars Conference. University of Leuven. 11-13 Nov. 2018.

‘”The zoom of a hornet”: critical empathy and the phenomenology of an air raid.’ Modernist Life Conference, British Association for Modernist Studies. University of Birmingham. 29 Jun. – 1 Jul. 2017.

‘”The zoom of a hornet”: the phenomenology of an air raid.’ Ear Pieces: Listening, Diagnosing, Writing. University of Cambridge. 16-17 Dec. 2016.

‘Semicolonialism and the modernist short story.’ Historical Modernisms Conference. Institute of Advanced Study, University of London. 12-13 Dec. 2016.

‘Semicolonial filiation: Katherine Mansfield and the short fictions of childhood.’ Modernism’s Child: An Interdisciplinary Conference. University of Sussex. 20 Apr. 2015.

‘Henry Green’s pigeons.’ 16th Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference. Pittsburgh. 6-9 Nov. 2014.

‘“I swear I’ll fix it”: Post-war reconstruction, deconstruction, and intergenerational apology.’ 15th Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference. Brighton. 29 Aug.-1 Sep. 2013.

‘William Sansom and Blitz-Time Capsules.’ Centenary Writers Symposium. Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. 1 Dec. 2012.

‘“Waiting dreadfulness”: The continuous present of wartime life-writing.’ War and Life Writing Conference.  WAR-Net and Oxford Centre for Life-Writing. University of Oxford. 9 Nov. 2012.

‘The Archaeology of Postwar Childhood in Ealing’s “rubble comedies”.’ Panel: ‘The Effects of Twentieth-Century War on Young People’. 59th Annual Midwest Conference on British Studies. University of Toronto. 12-14 Oct. 2012.  [Winner of the Walter L. Arnstein Prize for Best Graduate Paper]

‘The National Buildings Record and the Temporality of Ruins.’ Still Architecture: Photography, Vision and Cultural Transmission. Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and the Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge. 7-9 May 2012.

‘“Dreading forward”: Short stories, time capsules and Blitz-Time.’ Moving Modernisms Conference. Faculty of English, University of Oxford. 21-24 Mar. 2012.  [Winner of the Graduate Paper Prize]

‘Elizabeth Bowen’s “Blitz Modernism” and the Temporality of Ruins.’ Panel: ‘The Ruins of Modernism’. 13th Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference. Buffalo, United States. 6-9 Oct. 2011.

‘“Dreading Forward”: Narrating Blitz-Time in the novels of Henry Green, Elizabeth Bowen, and Graham Greene.’ Explosive Past, Radiant Future: International Colloquium. Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto. 18-20 Mar. 2010.

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